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Home Staging Tips

10 Amazing Home Staging Statistics That May Surprise YouMarch 16, 2017 / BlogHome staging has quickly become one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in the industry. It

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What To Do After A Storm

There’s little worse than waking up in the morning after a big storm, only to discover that your house (and probably a few trees) aren’t exactly in the same condition you left them when

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Attic Maintenance

For most homes, an attic is a place for storage. But what if that space can also, if left to its own accord, be a determent to the rest of the home? Experts claim that routine inspections and

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How To Drain Your Water Heater

How to Drain YourWater HeaterWhether you’re doing regular maintenance or leaving a home vacant, draining a water heater is one of the easiest things to do. Here are the steps to follow.Read

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